X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair - Black



The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series gaming chair comes equipped with two headrest speakers and a subwoofer for the ideal gaming and audio experience. You can connect your X Rocker Pro Series with other chairs to share in the action, or go solo. It has a built in wireless receiver and transmitter meant to work with any source with RCA stereo outputs, and sits on top of a pedastal base rather than directly on the ground.

The chair has gunstock arms and an ergonomic design for hours of comfort while gaming, listening to music, watching TV, reading, or simply relaxing. The X-Rocker is a great pick if you aren't looking for a computer gaming chair, but still want the option to tilt and swivel freely, plus the added benefit of surround sound speakers with amazing sound quality.

Our Review

X Rocker is the most well-known brand in the audio gaming chairs industry - and for good reason. The X Rocker 51396 is an impressive chair - sporting 2.1 wireless bluetooth capabilities and a built in subwoofer and dual speaker system inside the headrest. The open interior of this chair is specifically designed to magnify the sound for the user - not only do you hear the audio from your game or movie, you also feel it.

The concept of a gaming chair that actually helps you immerse yourself in your gaming experience is amazing, and we can't believe it took someone so long to introduce this concept. X Rocker produces a great line of audio gaming chairs, and the Pro Series 2.1 wireless video gaming chair is definitely one you should take a look at.

One of the best things about this chair is the pedestal that elevates the chair to a comfortable sitting position. Many traditional audio chairs do not include the pedastal, which makes it impossible to swivel or tilt. This chair combines the comfort of a classic floor gaming seat, with the tilt and swivel functions of a PC gaming chair. You can consider the X Rocker Pro Series to be a happy medium between the two.

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