Gaming Affiliate Partners

This page is dedicated as a helpful resource to showcase our gaming affiliate partners. We hope this will be a helpful resource to you as you look for different supplies in the esports & gaming world.

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Gaming Headsets and Audio Accessories

 New Bee Gaming Headphones

New Bee

New Bee is a leading audio brand that was founded in 2013 with the idea of creating a great hearing experience through high-tech noise-reducing headphones and sports headphones. New Bee offers several models of wireless headphones & gaming sets, as well as bluetooth earpieces and headphone stands.

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Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach started back in 1975 as Octave Electronics which created audio products. In 2005 they helped pioneer high-quality gaming audio headphones, and since then, Turtle beach has continued to lead the industry through innovations. Turtle beach has products for beginners, casual players, hardcore gamers, and even pros. Turtle beach offers headsets that are compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC's. 

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Turtle Beach Gaming Headset Headphones
Treblab Audio Headphones


Treblab was founded in 2015 with the idea of making a wireless audio experience. They currently offer a product line-up including earphones, headphones, and speakers, all focused on great sound quality and wireless capabilities.

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Soul Electronics

Soul Electronics was founded in 2010, Soul electronics is a global leader in the audio space. They offer a line-up of wirless earphones, headphones, and even a camo weatherproof wireless speaker!

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Soul Electronics Audio Headphones


Chairs & Other Furniture Affiliate Partners

 E-WIN Racing Gaming Chairs 

E-WIN Gaming Chairs & Desks

E-Win is newer to the gaming chair industry, but they are quickly making waves as one of the market leaders with their dozens of available gaming chair options. Customers love their low prices and excellent quality products.

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Secretlab is our pick for the best gaming chair brand in 2020, featuring very high quality chairs and multiple chair options, including popular eSports team designs like OG, Cloud9, Newbee and T1.

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Secretlab Gaming Chairs
Ergonofis Height Adjustable Wooden Desks


Ergonofis produces a line of very high quality height adjustable wooden desks, such as the Alive Desk, which features a two-inch thick live edge solid wood surface, available in multiple dimensions. This is an excellent company for finishing your office with quality products.

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Gaming Accessory Affiliate Partners

 Whirlwind FX Mechanical Keyboard 

Whirlwind FX

Whirlwind FX is a gaming accessories company offering several gaming accessories. Their most popular product, Vortx, is an environmental simulator designed to interact with your game play and bring it to life, such as feeling heat in real life from explosions on screen. They also sell RGB keyboards and lightstrip's to provide additional visualization and immersion in your gaming experience.

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Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is a company offer custom Xbox and playstation controllers. You can choose from several unique designs or create your own!

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Evil Controllers Fortnite Custom Xbox Controller
Havit Magic Eagle Consumer Electronics


Havit is a company founded in 1998 focusing on consumer electronics. They offer a range of products from gaming keyboards and mice to earbuds, Havit offers a range of gaming accessories to check out!

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Velocifire was created in 2014, founded on the idea of creating mechanical keyboards for the gaming population. Since then, velocifire has expanded into the office keyboard market as well, making several different keyboards for everyday use.

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Velocifire Keyboards and More
Valera Screens Green Screens

Valera Screens

Valera Green Screens is a company founded by a father & son duo that focuses on selling affordable and portable green screens, allowing you to create content on the go. This is a perfect item for content creators, as it allows you to customize your videos in a variety of locations.

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Please note any items purchased through the links above will earn us a small commission.




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