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Choosing The Right DXRacer Chair For Gaming

Posted on October 26 2016

With hundreds of different gaming chairs with different options, colors and styles, it can be difficult to narrow down your DXRacer selection to the best choice. Especially with Christmas right around the corner, buyers are frequently asking us for advice on choosing their chair. Nintendo just announced the release of the Nintendo Switch (in addition to their NES Classic which will be available on November 11), while Microsoft and Sony have dropped hints about upcoming console releases, the Xbox 2 and the PS5. With 2017 looking to be a big year for gamers, there has never been a better time to grab your DXRacer gaming chair. Read on to find the best DXRacer gaming chair for your son, daughter, husband, wife, or maybe even yourself!

Types And Prices

We can start our narrowing down process by being aware that there are mainly 2 types of DXRacer chairs - gaming chairs and office chairs. Naturally, any chair can serve any purpose, but if you are looking for a "gaming chair look", then you can start by checking out the Origin Series, Formula Series, Racing Series, King Series, Sentinel Series and Tank Series

Before we elaborate on these series, we can narrow down our selection even more based on price range. If you are just here to find the cheapest DXRacer chair, or if you have a budget, this should help. Here is the breakdown based on current prices:

Origin Series: $239
Formula Series: $289-$349
Racing Series: $299-$399
King Series: $439-$469
Sentinel Series: $459-$499
Tank Series: $579-$599


It is important to note that DXRacer chairs vary in price almost entirely based on their capabilities, mainly weight and height restrictions (we will touch on this later). The other main factor is material used in the chair, with mesh being the least expensive option, and PU or leather style vinyl being more expensive. Just because the supply price of mesh is less expensive than the other options, does not mean that it is a "cheaper" material than the alternatives, though. Here are some quick notes on each type of material:

PU (Polyurethane) feels and looks very similar to leather. It is waterproof and easy to clean.

Leather Style Vinyl generally lasts longer than PU long-run, mainly because PU can get scratched (animal claws). It is waterproof, easy to clean and looks great. A lot of the highest quality chairs offered in the DXRacer line use a Leather Style Vinyl & PU hybrid.

Mesh, as previously mentioned, is less expensive than the alternatives. Two important things to note about mesh are: 1. It is much more scratch-resistant than the other options (good option if you have pets), and 2. It locks in odors (maybe not a good option if you have pets - or smoke). It is also a much worse scenario to spill a drink on mesh than PU or leather style vinyl, as it will absorb the liquid and be hard to clean.

Weight And Height Restrictions

Ultimately, weight and height restrictions end up being the most important factor in choosing a chair for most customers. You can shop by size on our site, or you can view our general overview below. Don't forget that our products each have a section in the description that informs of that chair's recommended height and weight. Note: Model numbers are shown in bold if there are differences within the series.

Origin Series

Recommended Weight: <200 lbs.

Recommended Height: < 5'9"

Formula Series

Recommended Weight: <200 lbs.

Recommended Height: <5'9

Racing Series

OH/RW106, OH/RB1 & OH/RE0

Recommended Weight: <200 lbs.

Recommended Height: <5'9"

OH/RH110, OH/RV118, OH/RV131 & OH/RV001

Recommended Weight: <220 lbs.

Recommended Height: <6'1"

King Series

Recommended Weight: <250 lbs.

Recommended Height: <6'3"

Sentinel Series

Recommended Weight: <350 lbs.

Recommended Height: <6'5"

Tank Series

Recommended Weight: <450 lbs.

Recommended Height: <6'7"


Another determining factor for a lot of customers is their color preference. Maybe you prefer to find a chair in your favorite color - or maybe of your favorite sports (or eSports) team. If you are looking for a specific color, you can check out our shop DXRacer by color section, or simply type in your color preference to our search and the results will be filtered by color.


Some of the chairs have special attributes, which are always defined on the product page. Some of these include built in foot-rests, big and tall design, special limited edition chairs



Hopefully you find this information helpful in choosing your next DXRacer Gaming Chair. If you still have questions feel free to send us an email at

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