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The X Rocker 51259 is one of the most popular audio gaming chairs on the market. It sits directly on the floor in contrast to the X Rocker 51396 (which sits on top of a pedestal) and features a 4.1 audio system with 4 built-in speakers and a subwoofer for amazing sound quality. The chair is capable of folding over to save space, and has gunstock arms and an ergonomic design to support proper posture while gaming, reading, watching TV or otherwise relaxing.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Most customers find the vinyl of the 51259 to be preferable to the PU of similar models. The chair has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. and can pretty easily handle a height of above 6 feet. The material is generally soft to the touch and plush while being durable and easy to clean. X Rocker does a great job of making this design look professional and sleek without sacrificing the comfort of the chair.

The design of the 51259 allows for rocking and reclining much like a regular rocking chair. The 4 built-in speakers provide an impressive surround sound experience, and the chair vibrates in response to the bass from your favorite game, music or movie. The 51259 is one of very few chairs offered by X Rocker that comes with the 4.1 audio system, and the additional comfort and utility of the chair makes it a great choice for someone looking for a floor rocking audio chair.

X Rocker only releases a few chairs with the 4-speaker 4.1 audio system, and of the ones they do make, the 51259 receives the highest praise. This chair generally runs a little pricier than their other floor models, but it has the least number of complaints about the material of the chair, the durability or the sizing. Since the chair offers input and output jacks, as long as your TV comes with an RCA audio output, the chair will work with virtually any console you connect to it.

Drawbacks on this chair are difficult to find, but some of the main cons are regarding the brand itself, not so much this particular model. Before we go into those, we can summarize the pros:


  • Hook your chair up via RCA to your favorite home gaming console to immerse yourself in the audio gaming experience.
  • The 4.1 audio 4 speaker system and subwoofer offers amazing sound quality, currently the best offered by X Rocker.
  • Chair responds to the bass level by vibrating. Control this feature with the bass knob on the control panel.
  • This chair, like all X Rocker chairs, is easy to assemble and for most users take under 30 minutes to put together.
  • High quality and durable vinyl material that is generally received as being more comfortable and plusher than other X Rocker models.
  • Rocking option like a regular rocking chair.
  • Sleek design that completes the look of any gaming room.

Now we will touch on the cons. The main drawback of this chair over other X Rocker models is that it lacks bluetooth built-in. This is unfortunate considering the company produces some chairs that are less expensive than this one, but feature bluetooth (like the X Rocker 5172601 Bluetooth audio gaming chair). If bluetooth capability isn't a big deal to you, then this is one of the only drawbacks of this chair.


  • No bluetooth capability.
  • Like all X Rocker chairs, it must be plugged into the wall. Power cable is short.
  • Some customers complain audio may cut out intermittently while rocking.
  • Armrests are fairly uncomfortable and may benefit from additional padding.
  • The chair is solid and sturdy, but also heavy. Can be hard to move around for this reason.
  • May creak when rocking.

A lot of customers expect that "wireless" means "cordless" when they purchase X Rocker gaming chairs. It is important to note that all X Rocker audio gaming chairs include a cord that plugs into the wall. Perhaps this is a good thing, can you imagine how often you would have to charge the battery to keep these things going?

Unfortunately the power cable is rather short and you would benefit from running a extension cord to where the chair sits. In some cases you may consider doing this anyway, considering you probably want to have other devices plugged in nearby, whether charging or being used. Again, this is a minor inconvenience and not something we would not recommend the chair over.

In some cases customers mention that their audio has trouble playing smoothly while rocking in the chair. It is possible that this could be an issue with the integrity of the cable they are using with the chair, however, as this does not seem to be an issue mentioned frequently. There is an optional RCA cable included with the chair, so if you experience this problem, it may be worthwhile to test out an additional cable to see if that is the problem.

Like most X Rocker chairs with armrests, most customers suggest they are not comfortable. The gunstock armrests are designed to place your arms in a position conducive to FPS games, but they lack padding. In addition to this, folding the chair over for storing can cause the armrests to rub against the material of the chair and wear it down. For these reasons, many customers opt to leave the armrests off altogether.

X Rocker chairs are built sturdy and solid, but as a result they tend to be a bit on the heavy side. The X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 weighs around 50 lbs. and can be difficult to move around the house, particularly up and down stairs. It does help some that the chair can be folded in half.

Finally, some customers mention their chair creaks when rocking. Similar to the audio problem, however, it seems to only be happening with some customers, as others suggest it is silent when rocking.

All in all, we think the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 is one of the best options if you are looking for an audio floor rocking gaming chair. The vinyl material and padding for most customers is preferable to similar models, and the sleek design looks great in a gaming or play room. It is a bit on the pricey side compared to models like the Surge 5172601 bluetooth audio gaming chair, but the comfort and durability makes up for it. The 4.1 audio 4 speaker system is the best currently offered by X Rocker, and the chair can support a weight of around 300 lbs. and a height over 6 feet tall (many users as tall as 6'5 say it works for them).

We rate the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair as 4.5 stars out of 5. 

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Need that bluetooth? Check out the X Rocker Surge 5172601 Bluetooth Audio Gaming Chair instead! It has a bluetooth feature and is less expensive than the 51259!



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