Raynor Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

Raynor Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

Raynor Gaming and Office Chair Reviews

Summer is almost here, which includes longer days, pool parties, fresh watermelon, and of course scorching temperatures! There are all kinds of products that exist to help our bodies stay cool when its hot, so today, I am providing an in depth review of the Raynor brand of gaming and office chairs, designed to keep you cool and comfortable over long periods of time. If you are going to be in a chair a lot this summer, be sure to check these chairs out, and find the option that suits you best!

Raynor Gaming Chairs sits near the top of the list of chairs that keep you cool with their patented Outlast Technology that they offer in their chair selection. This technology does several things for you while you are gaming. First, it works to proactively reduce and eliminate sweating. While most chairs may help wick moisture away, the outlast technology actually manages the temperature of the chair, which adjusts to reduce the heat before you start sweating! This technology was originally developed for NASA, and it’s the only phase change material that holds the Certified Space Technology seal of approval. 

Raynor Gaming Chairs Energy Pro Series

The Energy Pro Series chair comes in 6 different colors, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, & Red. These chairs come with a host of other features, including a supportive molded foam, multi-titling abilities, and the ability to fully recline. With the supportive molded foam, you can play for hours in comfort, as the foam is designed to improve blood circulation during your long hours of work or play. With the multi-titling abilities, you are able to always be in your perfect position for maximum comfort and focus. You simply adjust the tension, tilt into your perfect position, and then lock into place. With the fully reclining function, you can recline up to 145 degrees. This gives you the ability to recline smoothly all the way back.

Raynor Gaming Energy Pro Series Gaming Chair Review

The Energy Competition Series is another great offering by Raynor. This chair comes in four colors: black, blue, red, & orange. This chair features the same outlast technology of the Energy Pro Series, so you know you are getting a chair designed for long hours of usage. This model also comes with the same supportive molded foam, which helps improve blood circulation when using the chair. In addition, the Energy Competition Series also comes with a host of other features guaranteed to be a hit, such as the adjustable seat & armrests, which allow you to get the armrest height and seat position that will help you focus in on your gameplay. In addition, the lumbar support included with the Energy Competition Series chair is ergonomically designed to protect your back from discomfort. For an upgrade, The Energy Competition Series Plus version comes with a Removable Headrest that provides excellent support for your head and neck. 

Energy Competition Series Raynor Gaming Chair

In terms of office chairs, Raynor offers a selection of chair products that are also designed to keep you comfortable and cool, featuring Tempur-Pedic technology. The same technology designed to be used in mattresses is included on this line up of chairs. There are several different models.

The Tempur-Pedic 200/250 models features the Outlast cooling technology, including spring technology that is built into the seat for optimal comfort. This chair includes several features for comfort. The lumber adjustment feature allows you to adjust the chair for optimal back positioning and comfort. In addition, you can adjust the back height on the chair to provide stability and comfort. This model comes in several different colors and fabrics, and starts at a price point of $449.

Tempur Pedic by Raynor TP200 TP250 Office Chairs

Tempur Pedic 300/350 models feature the tempur material for great built in comfort, with a chair designed to fit your body with incredible comfort. With a leather exterior, this chair has an executive look, with all of the comfort of the Raynor models.

Tempur Pedic by Raynor TP300 TP350 Office Chairs

The Tempur Pedic 600 Mesh Back Multifunction Chair model comes with a whole host of premium features. This model has the same great tempur material, but also comes with height adjustment soft pad armrests, a ratchet back height adjustment, tilt tension control, and a mesh back with a built in lumber support curve.

Tempur Pedic by Raynor TP600 Mesh Office Chair

When it comes to keeping you cool and comfortable this summer while working or playing long hours, be sure to check out the full line-up of Raynor gaming and office chair products as you will be sure to find something that meets your needs!

Update: Raynor Gaming has been featured in our Top 10 Gaming Chair Brands of 2020!

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