Noblechairs Hero Series Gaming Chair Review

Noblechairs Hero Series Gaming Chair Review

The Noblechairs brand is a premium gaming chair brand out of Germany offering three main product families of chairs, the Iron Series, the Hero Series, and the Epic Series. In this article, we will review the Hero Series gaming chair offering, covering plenty of details and information that will let you know what makes this chair series worth considering when you buy your next gaming chair.

Noblechairs Hero Series Gaming Chair Review


Every chair that Noblechairs manufactures is made of the highest quality materials, and the Hero Series is no exception to that rule. The Hero series chair comes with cold foam upholstery, made specifically for the users comfort over long periods of sitting. They also come with 60 mm casters, giving you the ability to easily move the chair around as you see fit. The frame is made out of steel, which allows for a durable chair that holds up over time and that combined with the wheel base allow for a max weight of up to 330 lbs. Within the Hero Series, there are two options for your seat upholstery. There is a PU-leather option (which is cheaper), and a more expensive leather option for the seat upholstery that both come in a variety of elegant color schemes.

The other great feature of this chair is the elegant design. Noblechairs prides itself on its elegant designs, inspired by the seating found in luxury cars. The tight stitching and the overall aesthetics of this chair are a sign of a luxury offering.

Noblechairs Hero Series Chair Material Options


When it comes to ergonomics, the Hero Series from Noblechairs comes loaded with features that are designed with ergonomics in mind. We know this because the Hero Series was designed in collaboration with professional esports teams, so it is a natural chair selection for those who participate in extended gaming sessions.

  • Backrest Design – The backrest was designed to conform to the natural way that our spines curve. This design ensures that your back is getting the right support that it needs at all time, and that your back is in its natural position over time.
  • Memory Foam Headrest – The memory foam headrest on the chair allows for additional ergonomic support, as the headrest works in conjunction with the backrest to conform to your body.
  • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support – This feature is new to the Hero Series model, and it was added for good reason. With the Adjustable Lumbar Support, there is a side mounted dial that allows you to adjust the amount of lumbar support up or down to meet your specific request. No more trying to add or take away cushions, just a quick adjustment of the knob and you will find the perfect support level for your body.

Adjustable Feature's

Adjustability in any chair is important, as you want to be able to perform a variety of tasks with the chair that you purchase. The Noblechairs Hero Series takes this seriously, as it comes equipped with a variety of adjustable features.

  • 4-D Adjustable Armrests – Here at, we really enjoy the 4D adjustable armrest options. With 4D armrests, you can essentially adjust the armrests in any and every direction; up/down, backwards/forwards, side to side. They also come with a more textured surface which helps prevent arm slippage over time.
  • Adjustable Backrest – The backrest is easily engaged by a brake on the right side of the chair, and allows you to recline to about 125 degrees. While reclining is normal in most chairs, the ease of being able to recline helps set this chair apart from some of its competitors.
  • Rocking Mechanism – The Rocking mechanism on the Hero Series chair allows you to tilt the entire chair, including the seat backwards. . This allows you to adjust the chair so that the whole thing is reclining, and is a great feature for resting or relaxing in the chair. It also gives a little more reclining than just the backrest feature, so you get closer to fully reclining.           

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair


The Hero Series from Noblechairs is without a doubt built with comfort in mind. There are three distinct comfort features that have been included in this chair. The first is the wider armrests. These armrests, when coupled with the 4D capabilities, ensure that you will be able to find a comfortable position for your arms to rest. Next is the expanded surface area of the back rest, which is designed to ensure users of all sizes have plenty of back support and comfort. Not to be outdone, the seat surfaces is bigger as well, enabling the chair to stay in proportion and to allow maximum support and comfort for your backside. These features, combined with the foam upholstery, memory foam headrest, and plush PU leather or genuine leather, make this an incredibly comfortable chair.


Like most chair Manufacturers, Noblechairs stands behind its product, and is ready to offer a warranty policy to prove it. Noblechairs has a respectable 2 year parts warranty that starts from the day you get your gaming chair, and a 1 year Labor Warranty. It excludes natural wear through conventional use.


  • Built in Lumbar Support
  • Overall bigger dimensions on the armrests, backrest, and seat than previous models
  • Rocking Mechanism – Being able to rock the seat and backrest together


  • Reclining function doesn’t go as far as some of its competitors
  • Real Leather option is expensive, which may put it out of reach for many gamers

In summary, there is a lot to like about the Hero Series from Noblechairs. If you are in the market for an upscale chair, it is hard to overlook the luxurious and elegant design of the Hero Series. The great materials and features on this chair make it a chair that can be used for gaming at the house, for your office chair at work, and anything in between. With both the PU-Leather and real leather options, the Hero Series should be on your short list to consider.

 Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair in Black

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
In Pure Black

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair in Blue

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
In Blue & Black

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Dyrus Edition

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
Dyrus Edition

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair in Gold

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
In Gold & Black

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair in Red

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
In Red & Black

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair SK Edition

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
SK Gaming Edition

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair in White

Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
In White & Black

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Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Special Edition
Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair
Special Edition

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