Secretlab MAGNUS gaming desk: New Product Review

Secretlab MAGNUS gaming desk: New Product Review

It is no secret that we here at, are big fans of Secretlab. We rated them as our top gaming chair brand in 2020 after all! Needless to say, anytime Secretlab releases a new product, we get excited, which is just what they did! Secretlab just announced there all new MAGNUS metal desk, and they are accepting orders now! Keep reading to hear more about the company, and the features of the MAGNUS desk, so you can decide if it is right for you!

About the Brand

Secretlab began in 2014 when two competitive gamers sat out to find a good gaming chair, and were disappointed in what they found on the market leading to the founding of Secretlab. Today they are a wordwide brand selling in many countries around the world. Up until this new product launch, they were primarily involved in gaming chairs of which they sell 4 main varieties, and you can read our previous article about the chairs they offer here.

MAGNUS Gaming Desk

The first impression of the MAGNUS gaming desk is that is looks AMAZING! The simple yet elegant design is something that I have come to expect from Secretlab, and they did not let us down! There are currently two designs for the table, one that is 47.2” long, and one that is 59.1” long, both with a depth of 27.5”. Other than that, they carry the same features that you read about below:

Desk Building Materials: The Secretlab MAGNUS gaming desk is all metal construction gaming desk. Yes, you read that right, its entirely metal. The use of metal is a unique design, but a desirable design none the less. It also helps lead to a super slim profile while still being able to hold up to 220 lbs. For the top of the table, it is finished with a power-coated obsidian finish. This gives it a nice sleek feel & look. The metal construction also allows for a magnetic ecosystem, or in other words, other metal accessories to REALLY set this desk apart, as you will read about below.

Secretlab Magpad:

The magpad is a full-coverage magnetic desk pad. This allows for a surface conducive to having a full mousepad surface. What is really cool about this feature, is that is it magnetic and can be taken on or off as needed. In addition, there are 3 different options currently available so you could buy several and switch them out at your discretion! The image here is showing one of the 3 options, which is magnetically attached and rolled out onto the gaming desk top.

Secretlab Magnetic system: What really sets the Secretlab MAGNUS gaming desk apart from others is the magnetic ecosystem that is created with the accessories. For example, the Magnetic Cable Anchors allow you to magnetically pull down any cables running from the front of the table into the back. You don’t have to worry about a mess of cables, because these anchors keep them down. If you need to move things around on the desk, simply move the magnetic cables with you to easily re-arrange! There are additional cable management accessories like the Cable Sheath and the Fastening Strips, that help keep cables out of the way. There is also a great easy-access cable tray that allows you to hide away the cable storage, keeping your set up super clean and yet fully functional. Soon, Secretlab will be releasing a Magnetic Headphone Hanger as well!! The metal desk allows for a host of magnetic attachment features in the future, a real game changer!

RGB Lighting: No gaming desk comes complete without a lighting feature, I mean come on! The MAGNUS gaming desk does not disappoint in this department! The MAGRBG diffused LED Strip comes with 4 unique lighting presents, and a remote control for functioning. It’s built in magnetic base allows you to easily attach it to the MAGNUS desk, so setting it up an integrating it into your desk is a breeze!

Assembly of the MAGNUS Desk

Everything you need for assembly of the MAGNUS desk comes in the package, which is a nice feature. The assembly is not overly difficult, and the instructions that come with the package or that are found online make it really easy to assemble and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. There is even a step by step video on the assembly online, in case you have any problems!

The one watch out or suggestion here is that it is helpful to have 2 people assemble the desk. Although the desk is sleek and small in design, metal isn’t light, and you will find it much easier if you obtain an assembly partner.


Secretlab has a great warranty policy, and its no different with the MAGNUS gaming desk. They over a 5 year warranty. In addition, they offer up to a 49-day refund & return policy. Although the site doesn’t specify how much, there may be a small return fee to do so, but with 49 days to try it out, that should be plenty of time to know if you made the right decision!

What We Like

There is a LOT to like when it comes to this desk. For one, the incredibly sleek design, and the robustness of the framing are exceptional.  A lot of gaming desks are just that, gaming desks, but the MAGNUS desk from Secretlab really could double as an office desk without any trouble because of how sleek and professional the design is. Another thing is that a lot of gaming desks (& office desks) look & feel flimsy but this is not one of those. The metal construction adds a layer of durability that is not seen in many desks today. In addition we REALLY like the magnetic ecosystem that is created through the metal framing. The magnetic accessories really make this a stand out desk, from the magnetic magpad, to the RGB lights, and the cable anchors. It really allows for the accessories to sell themselves. While I don’t love having to add accessories, the current prices on the accessories are not too expensive, and currently Secretlab is including some of them in the purchase.

What We Don’t Like

As mentioned up above, we don’t love having to buy a bunch of accessories to go along with the desk, as that can start to add up, but the accessories have great functionality, so its hard to complain too much. The only real thing that we don’t like is the fact that the desk is not height adjustable. It could be a deal breaker for some, but for a lot of people, we think it will be just fine! We imagine that Secretlab is working on something like that in the future though!

In summary, the MAGNUS gaming & office desk does what we would expect for a product from Secretlab, it really outperforms most of its competition. The features and the design are really top notch, and it should propel Secretlab into one of the top gaming desk businesses in addition to its gaming chair business in the future.

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