SecretLab Announces Their Line of Game Of Thrones Gaming Chairs!

SecretLab Announces Their Line of Game Of Thrones Gaming Chairs!

Gaming Chair in Review: Secretlab Game of Thrones Chair Series

Winter has come! And while it may have ended much to soon (and even abruptly) for some fans, that hasn't stopped SecretLab from getting involved in the Game Of Thrones fanfare. Earlier this month, Secretlab and HBO released an officially designed series of Game of Thrones gaming chairs. In celebrating the final season of Game of Thrones which began on April 14th, the two worked in collaboration to release a Game of Thrones collection of chairs. These chairs include three of the Game of Thrones houses: Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister. These houses have battled it out for the ultimate power for several seasons of Game of thrones, all coming to a head in the series finale. All three of the house designs are available in the company’s popular TITAN models, as well as the OMEGA models as well. As of this writing, these Game of Throne designs are not available in the THRONE series.

HBO Game Of Thrones SecretLab Gaming Chairs

These Game of throne inspired chairs will come with the features that make Secretlab a well-known and respected gaming chair manufacturer. These features include accessories such as the fully adjustable lumbar support, the four-directional armrests, and the multi-tilt mechanism. The four-directional armrests that Secretlab recently upgraded are designed to be more spacious as well as ergonomic for the user. The new design makes it easier to anchor your arms in comfort while using the chair for long periods of time. This includes the updated adjustability features that allow for all different angles to be created on the armrests, capped off with a new material coating that is soft to the touch, yet it still enables you to have a good grip, and the all-important quality of durability. In addition, the Secretlab chairs come equipped with their specially designed lumbar and headrest pillows. These pillows are made with velour memory foam, and are also now larger, offering optimal support for long periods of gaming or work. All in all, Secret lab designed these features to allow for a very comfortable seating experience for those who depend on their chairs to be high performing and comfortable.

Stark Vs Lannister Game Of Thrones Gaming Chairs by SecretLab

When choosing between the TITAN and OMEGA models, there are several distinguishing features to keep in mind. For one, the OMEGA model has a thicker layer of cold-cure foam. This thicker layer of foam allows for a more comfortable chair experience for the user. It also has the ability to tilt in multiple different directions, giving you the ability to lock the chair at the desired angles that you would like. This chair is rated for up to 240 lbs, which puts it at a comfortable weight range for most users. This chair also comes with unique positioning of the backrest wings, designed to reduce stress on your shoulders and back. The OMEGA model currently starts at $299 as of the time of this writing, with several different options that you can add to the base price. The TITAN model is designed for bigger customers, as it features a taller backrest and a seat that is wider and deeper than the other models. The chair also comes with an adjustable lumbar support. By turning a tension knob under the base of the chair, you can freely adjust the tension of the backrest to find the perfect level of support for your needs. This, combined with the cold cured foam interior and the sleek PU leather cover, create the optimal comfort experience for the user. This chair is rated for up to 290 lbs. The Titan currently starts at $349 as of the time of this writing, and you can pay extra for optional upgrades.

Secretlab was founded in 2014 with the mission to develop a chair that could provide unparalleled comfort while also being offered to the market at a reasonable cost. This ultimately led to the launching of its first chair in May of 2015, and the rest is history. They currently offer three product lines for a variety of customers including the TITAN, OMEGA, and the THRONE series. These chairs were designed by using car racing seats as the inspiration. They feature an ergonomic design that conforms to the human body shape to accommodate the long hours that gamers spend in a gaming chair. Each of these products comes with different upholstery options that range in price and comfortability, so Secretlab is sure to have a chair that fits what you are looking for.

Which Game of Thrones house do you want to represent? As you prepare to enjoy watching & then re-watching the Final Game of Thrones season this summer, be sure to enjoy it in the comfort of your very own Game of Thrones Secretlab gaming chair!

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