Eurotech Powerfit Ergonomic Office Chair Overview

Eurotech Powerfit Ergonomic Office Chair Overview

Today we have an exciting new chair review for you. Eurotech, a chair brand that we have reviewed several other times on this site, has recently released a new type of office chair called the Powerfit model. Eurotech is known for its ergonomic office chair models, such as the line-up of Ergohuman models that we have covered on this site previously, but the Powerfit model takes the Eurotech brand to another level in terms of ergonomics and technology. This smart chair comes fully loaded with features designed to ensure the health and wellness of your body, a next generation smart chair designed with ergonomic support in mind!

Eurotech Powerfit Ergonomic Office Chair

Technology Features

The Powerfit model from eurotech comes equipped with several incredibly innovative technology features that are unheard of in an office chair, but are sure to provide great value and comfort to you as the user!

  • Built in Bluetooth Smart Seat Cushion – That’s right, technology built right into the seat cushion to take note of your posture and make intelligent tension adjustments to correct your posture
  • Mobile App – Track all of the information from your mobile device, which provides notifications to you about your posture and chair usage over time, giving you all the data you need to ensure you are practicing healthy sitting behaviors and promoting overall health and wellness for all users of this chair
  • Intelligent Posture Assistance – Pressure sensitive sensors on the back of the chair assist in ensuring that your back is properly supported and aligned
  • LIVEMOTION Lumbar Tracking – This feature provides tilt control which allows the lumber and spine to maintain support when tilting back, ensuring that your body is never left without support, even while leaning back
  • Bionic Spine Design – The innovative Bionic Spine design emulates the same elastic adjustment of the human vertebrae. Sounds fancy, but what does this mean? Essentially, it is technology designed to react and adapt to individual body styles as well as postures. It does this by integrating pressure point relief at 9 touch points throughout the back of the chair, ensuring you will be comfortable and properly supported regardless of who you are and how you sit.

These tools take the guesswork out of knowing if you are properly supporting your body while sitting!

Eurotech PowerFit Mobile Integration Healthy Sitting

Additional Ergonomic Features

With all of this new technology, we cannot lose sight of all of the other great ergonomic features that are built into the Powerfit model,

  • 3D Adjustable Armrests – Adjust the armrests to your preferred height, depth, and angle
  • Seat Depth Extension – Use this feature to slide the depth of the seat in our out, making the chair deeper or shallower, for whatever bets suits the current user
  • Additional Back Support – Double-winged chips allow for additional support for the different muscles in your back, ensuring every touch point on your back is properly supported and accounted for

Other Notable Features

  • Single Lever Control – One lever sure can do alot! Controlling the pneumatic height adjustment, the back angle tilt, and the tilt lock is achieved from just one lever. With the multiple adjustment options we have already discussed, you are sure to find the angle or position that works best for you no matter what. With the Eurotech Powerfit, you don’t have to worry about pulling the wrong lever!
  • Headrest (Add-On) - The Headrest feature on this chair is incredible, and a feature worth considering. It is available on the Mesh Back and Fabric Seat option, and is known as the 5D Pressure Relief Headrest. You read that right, 5D! With two height options, head shape, tilt, and angle, you have 5 dimensions to adjust this headrest to ensure that you find the right support for your neck while also ensuring that any and all pressure is non-existent on your shoulders.

Eurotech High Back Headrest Powerfit Office Chair

Materials & Options

In terms of materials, Eurotech is known for its quality material usage and is a well known and established office chair brand. They offer a quality line-up of chairs, and the Powerfit model is no exception to that! For the Powerfit model, there is a mesh backrest to allow for air circulation. Then for the seat cushion, there is the option of mesh or fabric. and mesh back combo option that you can order with or without a headrest. In addition, each of those options comes in 3 colors, Black, Blue, and Gray. See below for the 4 decision points you will need to make on your purchase.

  1. Upholstery Options: All Mesh or Mesh Back/Fabric Cushion
  2. Materials Color: Blue, Black, White
  3. Frame Color: Charcoal, White
  4. Headrest Option: Yes or No on all the above 

Warranty and Company Information

Eurotech (Raynor Group) has been in the business of office chairs since 1979. They have achieved sales of over $1 Billion since their founding, showcasing their incredible line-up of products and their incredible commitment to their customers. 

In terms of Warranty, Eurotech warrants to the original purchaser all of the chair components for the life of the product, except for any upholstery or foam, which is warrantied for 5 years. Simply put, Eurotech stands behind the chairs that it makes and sells, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality chair, and if for some reason you don’t, Eurotech will ensure that it gets corrected.


In summary, there is a whole lot to like about the new Powerfit model from Eurotech. The innovation that Eurotech has put into this line-up of office chairs is eye-opening, and we see the Powerfit as a model that will help change the office seating landscape in the future. Ergonomic consideration is becoming increasingly more important in today’s workforce, and the Powerfit chair ensures that the user is receiving the best input on their ergonomic usage in real time through its app integration and its technology features built into the chair. Simply put, we think that in a crowded field of office chairs, the Eurotech Powerfit stands out.

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