Ergohuman High Back Mesh/Leather Executive office chair model LEM4ERG Review

Ergohuman High Back Mesh/Leather Executive office chair model LEM4ERG Review

Ergohuman office chairs are a great brand of office chairs designed by Eurotech seating for those who want the comfort of a chair for long days at the office, but also need to maintain a professional look. This premium office chair brand comes equipped with several different models to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Today, we are taking a look at one of the most well known models, the Ergohuman High Back Mesh/Leather Executive Chair LEM4ERG. This model comes fully loaded with lots of great features to discuss. We also did a review of the all mesh version of this chair, which you can check out here.


The Ergohuman line-up of office chairs are made of high quality materials, and this Ergohuman High Back office chair is no exception to that rule. This chair features a unique blend of materials, as it pairs mesh and leather. A breathable mesh back and headrest meets a leather bottom and armrests in this blend of materials not usually found together in typical office chairs. Eurotech uses high quality materials, as evidenced by their incredible warranty that we will discuss later. The Ergohuman High Back Mesh & Leather office chair takes material quality and environmental impact seriously, and this is evidenced by this chair being made with materials of which 97%  can be recycled, and is greenguard indoor air quality certified.

Ergohuman LEM4ERG model office chair with high back mesh/leather design

Ergohuman Mesh Backrest on LEM4ERG High Back Office Chair


This executive office chair option from Ergohuman comes with several ergonomic features in mind to give the user of the chair a pleasant experience.  The ergonomics start with the high back that allows your entire back to find support. In addition, rest your neck and head on the built in headrest, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for you. The leather bottom allows for additional comfort and ergonomic support, for extended periods of sitting. This leather & mesh Ergohuman chair comes fully loaded with ergonomic features, most of which are focused around the adjustability features that we dive into in the section below.

LEM4ERG Eurotech Ergohuman Adjustable Office Computer Chair


This executive style office chair offering from Eurotech, (LEM4ERG) comes with a host of adjustable features made for long days of sitting. The first noteworthy adjustable feature is the back angle adjustments that are available. There are 3 position tilt-lock adjustments for your body. Each one allows you to lock the chair into place at that angle, while also giving you the ability to adjust the tension control of the chair. This feature allows you to control the amount of force you are using in a reclining position, or when sitting up straight. This feature is very important for your back support, and we find that this feature is very helpful for long periods of being seated. Another adjustment feature for your back includes a height adjustable lumbar support handle. This allows people of varying height to adjust the chair comfortably for their back position, as ergonomics are important for long periods of sitting. Moving on from features specifically for the back rest, a seat depth adjustment allows for finding any additional comfort support for your body. The height adjustment allows for your legs to be positioned in the most comfortable way in relation to the floor, so that you can ensure a correct posture is achievable. The armrest adjustment allows you to find a nice resting place for your arms to provide comfort and stability to your posture, and finally, an adjustable mesh headrest that allows your neck and head to find any support that they need. Sometimes you need to sit back and stretch after a long period of concentration, and this simple feature can allow for your neck and head to have additional support as you stretch and relax your muscles.

Ergohuman Office Computer Chair LEM4ERG Mesh Backrest Leather Seat


With the host of adjustable features mentioned above, it is evident that comfort is a top priority for Eurotech in the creation of their Ergohuman office chairs, and this leather & mesh model is no exception. As mentioned before, you can adjust the back, seat cushion, and headrest to meet your desired position, allowing for comfort and ergonomics. The chair is quickly raised or lowered to provide adequate feet space, as well as pivoting leather armrests that work with a variety of seated postures. The chair provides a mesh back for breathability, and a leather bottom for added comfort to your seated position. Overall, you will find that you can make yourself quite comfortable in this Ergohuman High Back Leather & Mesh executive office chair.


This Ergohuman High Back office chair comes with the standard Eurotech seating warranty offering, with the upholstery and foam being under warranty for 5 years, and the other components of the chair being covered for the life of the chair. This is a very good warranty, as Eurotech stands by their chair products, and has been able to deliver great chairs for decades.

Ergohuman Leather Seat Cushion with Mesh Backrest LEM4ERG


  • High back for full body support
  • Multiple lock tilt positions and lumbar support
  • Combination of Mesh & Leather for supreme comfort
  • Ergonomic headrest that can be adjusted


  • Lacks the ability to fully recline
  • Headrest is not removeable
  • Leather seat cushion can feel overly firm initially
  • Expensive Price Point


In summary, this Ergohuman High Back Mesh & Leather office chair (LEM4ERG) provides excellent full-body support and easy adjustability, that is designed for all-day use and long-term comfort. This chair currently retails for $711, which is in the medium price range of office chairs. If you are in the market for an office chair for frequent use this Ergohuman model is certainly one to consider.

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