DXRacer OH/FD01/N & OH/FD01/NR Gaming Chair Review (Black or Red)

DXRacer OH/FD01/N & OH/FD01/NR Gaming Chair Review (Black or Red)

If you have been looking for the perfect gaming chair for you, odds are you have come across the DXRacer brand. This wouldn't be surprising, considering they pioneered the gaming chair space, and the OH/FD01 gaming chair is one of their flagship products. We have prepared this review to help you determine if the OH/FD01 is what you are looking for in a gaming chair.

First things first, the OH/FD01 comes in color choices of all black, or black & red. If you are looking at the all black model, the part number is OH/FD01/N. If you are looking at the black and red model, the part number is OH/FD01/NR. These chairs of course have the same specs, and the only difference between them is the color options. Other colors have been available from DXRacer in the past, but have been out of production for a while, and it is unclear if DXRacer plans to produce them again in the future.

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The OH/FD01 is from the Formula Series by DXRacer, and while it is a dependable and comfortable chair, we want to touch on some issues that some customers find with this chair. Being on the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum for DXRacer, there are some drawbacks to the OH/FD01 that, while not necessarily a deal breaker, should be noted before purchasing. We will touch on these during this review.


The OH/FD01/N and OH/FD01/NR feature a strong mesh material design and a high density foam interior. Their mesh fabric is scratch resistant and durable, but tends to be harder to clean than PU or vinyl that similar chairs feature. It should be noted that eating or drinking in a mesh based gaming chair carries a much greater penalty for error, should you accidentally spill on the fabric. Whereas PU or vinyl will wipe clean - fabric will soak up the spill and become difficult to dry out. Likewise, Fabric is more likely to soak up odors from pets or from smoking.

While these can be drawbacks for some, others actually may prefer the style and durability of the mesh gaming chairs over the PU or vinyl chairs. If you can trade off the drawbacks of mesh for the benefit of a sturdier chair, then the OH/FD01 could still be a perfect choice for you.

OH/FD01/N Black Formula Series Gaming Chair Mesh Material

OH/FD01/N DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair Material

OH/FD01/N Formula Series DXRacer Gaming Chair Close Up

If you like the look of the PU style chairs but would prefer the durability of the mesh style chairs, you could consider one of DXRacer's gaming chairs that features a mesh & PU cover, like the OH/RW106. These chairs offer the durability of the mesh cover with the style and sleek design of PU accents.

OH/RW106, available in multiple colors, offers a mesh & PU hybrid cover.

DXRacer OH/RW106 Racing Series Gaming Chairs In Red, Blue, Green and Gray

Weight And Height Limit

The OH/FD01 runs a little bit smaller than other DXRacer gaming chairs. DXRacer recommends the user of a OH/FD01 be between 115 and 200 lbs., but with a Class-4 gas lift and metal frame, the chair can support users over that range as well. The recommended height of the OH/FD01 is between 4'9" and 6'0", making it a good middle of the road chair for most users in terms of height. Again, the chair can support slightly over 6'0" depending on the user, but a much taller user may have issues sitting comfortably in the OH/FD01. If you are over 200 lbs. and over 6'0", you will likely have more success in a larger chair, such as the OH/RV131 gaming chair by DXRacer.


Perhaps the biggest drawback of the OH/FD01 is that the armrests are 1D adjustable. This means that the armrests can move up and down, but are not capable of moving left, right, forward, back, or swiveling. Some gaming chairs feature completely non-adjustable armrests, so this may not be a deal breaker for everyone, especially considering up & down adjustment tends to be the most commonly used adjustment anyway.

DXRacer OH/FD01 Formula Series Gaming Chair Adjustable Armrests

Tilt And Lock

The OH/FD01 by DXRacer comes with a conventional tilt mechanism and large angle adjuster. This means the chair can recline up to approximately 135 degrees, and can lock at the desired recline. This makes the OH/FD01 gaming chair great for relaxing after a long working or gaming session. Because the mechanism that is included with the OH/FD01 is a conventional rather than a multifunctional, the bucket seat does not feature angle lock. This means that, while you are able to tilt and lock the backrest, you cannot do the same thing for the bucket seat.

The conventional tilt mechanism that comes with the OH/FD01 does include a tension adjustment knob on the underside, which you can rotate to set your desired level of tension in the backrest. You can also rock in the OH/FD01 freely between about 3 and 17 degrees, making it a comfortable chair for relaxing as well as working.

OH/FD01 Formula Series Gaming Chair by DXRacer Ergonomic Recline Lock

Headrest And Lumbar Cushion

For the record, all DXRacer gaming chairs come with a bonus headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, except for chairs that already have it built-in, such as the Boss Series OH/BF120 gaming chair. The FD01 comes with a fully removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, which can both be adjusted to varying heights to suit your preference. Some customers find that they do not prefer using the chair with the bonus headrest pillow or lumbar cushion, but they can be easily removed.

OH FD01 N headrest and lumbar cushion dxracer


Dependable gaming chair that has been around for several years and generally receives high praise from DXRacer's customer base.

Strong mesh offers a durable design, coupled with a high quality dense foam interior for greater comfort, than similar chairs by other companies.

Affordable compared to most other DXRacer chairs without sacrificing too much functionality.

DXRacer stands behind their products with a lifetime guarantee on the frame, and 2 years warranty on parts replacements.

Armrests adjust up and down, and chair reclines 135 degrees and locks into place at your preferred level of recline.

Includes bonus adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar cushion.


No chair base angle lock. You aren't able to adjust the angle of the bucket seat of the chair like you can with similar models.

Chair recline range is slightly limited at 135 degrees, while similar chairs can recline the full 180 degrees.

On the smaller end of DXRacer chairs. Intended for users under 6'0 and under 200 lbs. May be a snug fit if you are around or exceeding either height or weight.

Some users do not like the feel of mesh. If you prefer the sleek PU look and feel, you may not be happy with the mesh on the OH/FD01.

The chair features wing tips (notice the elevated parts of the bucket seat) - Some users who like to cross their legs or sit on top of a leg may find this restricting.

Some users do not like to use the lumbar cushion or headrest pillow and find the chair better without them.


The OH/FD01 by DXRacer is a fantastic chair for the price, but it is definitely worth noting the drawbacks of the chair, particularly the 1D armrest and the comparatively smaller build of the chair. If you fit within the recommended height and weight range of the chair, and if you are happy with armrests that only adjust up and down, and the breathable mesh design, this could be the perfect chair to suit your needs. 


How tall is the backrest of the OH/FD01 chair?

The backrest of the OH/FD01 gaming chair is approximately 32.5" in height. At 6'0", your head should rest at the top of the chair. 

What material is used in the armrests of the OH/FD01?

The armrests that are included with the OH/FD01 are a soft PU plastic. It is dense enough to support your arms, but soft enough that you can leave a dent in it if you poke it with a fingernail. It is NOT padded like some chairs that feature foam and leather padding, but it offers enough give and supportfor most people to be happy with them.

Does the OH/FD01/N (or OH/FD01/NR) include a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion?

Yes, the OH/FD01 includes a bonus headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. In fact, all DXRacer chairs that do not feature built-in pillows come with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.

Is the DXRacer OH/FD01/N Formula Series a comfortable chair?

Like most popular gaming chairs, the OH/FD01 is comfortable and supportive, but it is not plush. The point of these ergonomic gaming chairs is to inspire healthy, ergonomic sitting. Plush chairs can cause you to slouch and have adverse effects on your health. It won't be the softest thing you've ever sat in, but that is sort of the point.

Will I fit the OH/FD01 chair at 6'5" and 190 lbs.?

You will see mixed answers from users who exceed either or both of the height and weight recommendations. Some users who exceed these recommendations find the chair to still be perfectly comfortable. We can only suggest that if it is outside of the recommended range, the chance of you feeling comfortable in the chair is lower.

I am 4'8" and weigh 70-100 lbs. Am I too small for the OH/FD01?

Most DXRacer chairs do not come with a recommended minimum height or weight. You may need to do some adjusting of the included pillows (or not use them), but with the height adjustment feature and smaller build of the OH/FD01, you should find this chair to be perfectly comfortable.

What is the minimum and maximum seat height of the OH/FD01?

The minimum seat height of the OH/FD01 is around 16.5". The maximum is around 21".

Have any more questions for us? Ask them below and we may add them to our FAQ.

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