DXRACER OH/BF120 Boss Series Gaming Chair Review

DXRACER OH/BF120 Boss Series Gaming Chair Review

When considering what gaming chair is right for you, chances are you have come across the DX Racer Brand of gaming and office chairs. This brand has been around since 2001, and producing gaming chairs since 2006. With over a decade in the world of gaming chairs, DX Racer produces several gaming chair models. Today we are providing an in depth review of the Boss Series Gaming Chair, Model OH/BF120. This chair comes equipped with a host of features to unpack and discuss.

DXRacer OH/BF120 Boss Series Gaming Chair Review

Who was this chair designed for?

Here at esportschairs.com, we feel that when DX Racer designed its OH/BF120 Boss Series Chair, it had the Big & Tall crowd in mind. As you read on, you can see from the back design to the metal frame and aluminum base, DX Racer wanted to ensure that they provided a chair that was comfortable for all types of body shapes and sizes, as evidenced by a height range of up to 6 ft 6 inches, and a weight range of up to 400 lbs. Read on to see what else makes this chair one to seriously consider when shopping for your next chair.


The DX Racer Gaming Chair Brand is known for its high quality racing chairs, and the OH/BF120 Boss Series Chair is no exception to that rule. When it comes to the most important thing (the stuff you sit on!) This chair delivers with high density shaping foam and a leather style vinyl cover. When it comes to the frame of the chair, it uses metal, for ultimate durability and stability, which allows the chair to be rated for up to 400 lbs of weight. The base of the chair is made of a strong aluminum material, and of course, there are caster wheels attached to the bottom allowing you to move around in the chair.

OH/BF120/N Black Boss Series DXRacer Gaming Chair Leather DXRacer OH/BF120/N Black Boss Series Office Chair


Like all highly rated chairs should, the OH/BF120 Boss Series Chairs from DX Racer has several ergonomic features built into the chair. One of the first notable ergonomic features is the higher backrest design that was created to ensure support to your shoulders and neck. As the chair is suggested for heights up to 6 ft 6 inches, chances are, you will find this feature to adequately support your shoulders and neck. Another notable ergonomic feature is the lumbar cushions that are built in as well as the headrest cushion. When you are spending several hours at a time in the chair, features like the ones on this DX Racer gaming chair that support your head, neck, back, and shoulders go a long way towards providing your body with ergonomic support.

OH/BF120/NR Red Boss Series DXRacer Gaming Chair Lumbar Cushion OH/BF120/NC Stitching

Adjustability & Comfort

The OH/BF120 DX Racer Boss Series Chair comes with a host of adjustable features that will allow you to find a comfortable position no matter the occasion.

  • Armrests – 90 degree 4D adjustable armrests. Essentially, this means you can move the armrests just about any way you can see fit. Up or Down , forward and backwards, slide side to side, and last but not least adjust in and out. It seems almost impossible not to find your ideal armrest position with this chair.
  • Tilting ability – The boss series chair from DX Racer allows for you to tilt and lock the chair in varying positions all the way to 120 degrees. This gives you a range of settings that you can be sitting in, all the way from upright working or gaming, to laid back and relaxed watching a movie.
  • Height Adjustability – This feature surely comes as no surprise, but DX Racer has a gas spring with the chair that allows you to adjust the chair up or down to the floor depending on your height and how you want to position your legs.

Overall, adjustability and comfort are definitely a top priority for DX Racer in any chair that they create. They recognize that their chairs will be used for hours on end for a variety of purposes, including work, play, and relaxing. Being able to adjust this chair in so many different ways allows for comfort in any situation.

 DXRacer OH/BF120/NR Gaming Chair Adjustable OH/BF120/N Gaming Chair Adjustable Armrests


DX Racer stands behind their product offerings, and they have a warranty policy to back it up. Their standard warranty offering is 2 years on the chair accessories, and a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. This warranty offering shows that DX Racer is serious about the quality of their chair offerings.


  • The High Back that supports your shoulders and neck
  • The steel frame and aluminum base are very sturdy
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests – what’s not to like about that?
  • The Overall Comfort is hard to beat without paying a premium


  • Doesn’t fully recline like some competitor chairs
  • Leather Style Vinyl material can be hot & sticky at times

Overall, there is a lot to like about this OH/BF120 Boss Series Gaming Chair from DX Racer. It is available in all black (OH/BF120/N), black & red (OH/BF120/NR), and Black & Coffee (OH/BF120/NC). If you are in the market for an all around chair, that can be used for gaming and office type work, this chair comes highly recommended. In addition, if you identify as Big and or Tall, this chair should be a serious contender on your list as it provides features and designs suitable for you.

Take a look at the different options below. If you like the office style design of the Boss Series gaming chair, you can also consider the Classic Series by DXRacer. They feature the same aesthetic without so many upgrades. 

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Image Model Weight Limit Height Limit Shopping
DXRacer OH/BF120/N Boss Series Gaming Chair In Black OH/BF120/N 400 Lbs. 6'6"
DXRacer OH/BF120/NR Boss Series Gaming Chair in Red OH/BF120/NR 400 Lbs. 6'6"
DXRacer OH/BF120/NC Boss Series Gaming Chair In Coffee Tan OH/BF120/NC 400 Lbs. 6'6"
DXRacer OH/CE120/N Classic Series Gaming Chair In Black OH/CE120/N 275 Lbs. 6'0"
DXRacer OH/CE120/NR Classic Series Gaming Chair In Red OH/CE120/NR 275 Lbs. 6'0"
DXRacer OH/CE120/NC Classic Series Gaming Chair In Coffee OH/CE120/NC 275 Lbs. 6'0"
DXRacer OH/CA120/N Classic Series Gaming Chair In Black With Footrest OH/CA120/N 275 Lbs. 6'0"
DXRacer OH/CA120/NR Classic Series Gaming Chair In Red With Footrest OH/CA120/NR 275 Lbs. 6'0"
DXRacer OH/CA120/NC Classic Series Gaming Chair In Coffee With Footrest OH/CA120/NC 275 Lbs. 6'0"

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