3 Unique Gaming Gifts for Christmas 2019

3 Unique Gaming Gifts for Christmas 2019

Chances are, you either know of, or are someone who is involved with gaming in some sort of fashion. The gaming industry in the United States continues to grow at a fast rate, and the number of options for gamers continues to grow, from items meant for beginners & casual gamers, to items meant for hard-core or even professional gamers. When it comes to unique gaming supplies and accessories, there is a never ending stream of opportunities and choices. Here at esportschairs.com, we love to give and receive unique gifts, so today we are giving you 3 unique gift options for the gamers in your life this Christmas.

Gaming Controller from Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers Nintendo Switch and Fortnite Xbox Custom Controllers

Evil Controllers is a company that brings Switch, Xbox One and PS4 gaming controllers to life, with several awesome designs, and the ability to create your own custom controller design. Current designs on their website include a Modern Warfare inspired controller and a Fortnite inspired controller, and that just scratches the surface of the possibilities that you can choose from, or even create yourself. With the create option, you can make your very own uniquely designed controller. Choose from options such as your faceplate (with over 30 options), ABXY button customization ( 10+ color options), thumbstick customization (standard or evil sticks plus several color designs), and a host of other options to make a truly one of a kind controller for you or your loved one this Christmas. With their host of options Evil Controllers allows you to create a simple upgraded design, or a completely decked out top of the line feature full controller, meaning regardless of the level of game play you are doing, Evil Controllers has a controller for you. If designing this controller for a gift seems too overwhelming, you can also purchase a gift card so that the gamer in your life can create the controller that suits them. Evil Controllers also come with a lifetime warranty on all electrical components, and varying lengths for the other components, so you can rest assured knowing that Evil controllers stands firmly behind the products that they offer, and will be there for you if you have any issues with your purchase.

Valera Screens

Valera Gaming Green Screens

Next on the list is definitely a unique option for the gamers out there this Christmas, and that is Valera Screens. Valera offers green screens that are some of the best in class at an affordable price, inspired by the growing trend of DIY videos and DIY backdrops, and the need for a simple and affordable option. Valera Screens comes in two major product variations, the creator series and the explorer series. The creator series comes in at 11.5 pounds, and the explorer series comes in at 8 pounds, making them incredibly easy to transport. The explorer series is mounted on a tripod with allows for the best portability for streamers on the go, and the creator series rests on the floor, but both can be set up in just a few minutes so you can quickly get creating. When it comes to product features, Valera Screens does not disappoint. With technology designed in that helps with lighting in all circumstances, and an exclusive wrinkly-resistant fabric, you can ensure you will have a professional backdrop at all times. Valera offers a 30 day return policy, so if you decide it isn't for you, you can return or exchange the product, and Valera even pays for the return shipping.

SleepPhones Audio Headband Headphones

SleepPhones Wireless Audio Headband Headphones

While this may not be a "gaming" product, we think that this is a product that a gamer would certainly enjoy. Headphones are an important part of any gamer's set-up, and SleepPhones offer a unique alternative to headphones after the gaming has stopped for the night. These headphones were developed to be worn to sleep, providing you with a personal noise machine, meditative music, or whatever it is that relaxes you. SleepPhones comes in the classic version that has a 3.5mm jack for plug ins, and a wireless version that connects to bluetooth devices. You can choose from several colors, as well as between 3 sizes for your headband for maximum comfort. With gamers being notorious for late night gaming, a product like the SleepPhones that helps you relax and sleep is a real winner!

We hope you will take a look at these unique Christmas gift options this year, so that you can let the gamers in your life know that you picked out something special just for them!

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