3 Best Gaming Chairs for Big & Tall Gamers

3 Best Gaming Chairs for Big & Tall Gamers

When it comes to chairs, one size does not fit all! Here at esportschairs.com, we have tested and sat in enough chairs to know that is the truth! The fact of the matter is, some gaming chairs are better suited for Bigger & Taller Gamers than others. If you are a above average size gamer that is looking for a comfortable chair to fit your body profile, then this article is for you!

First, we should define bigger & taller for this article. For the sake of this article, we will define big as 250+ lbs, and tall as 6' 0" or taller. All of our chairs must comfortably exceed these specifications, and most on the list are rated for well above this threshold. To learn more about 3 of the best gaming chairs for Big & Tall Gamers, keep reading below!

1. Secretlab Titan XL - First up on this list, is the Secretlab Titan XL. Secretlab is a major player in the gaming chair market, and one we have highlighted in the past as one of our favorite gaming chair brands. They make 3 distinct models of gaming chairs, and the Titan XL is their biggest design and build! The suggested user profile is for a height range of  5'11"- 6'10" and weight of 220-390 lbs, well within our classification of big and tall.

What makes it stand out: To understand the 2020 gaming chair line-up series, you can read our in-depth review here. A few noteworthy features are the multi-tilt mechanism that lets you lock or free float, Tilt tension adjustment to increase or reduce the tension of tilting the chair backwards, and 4-D adjustable armrests. 

This means the armrests move up and down, in and out, forwards and backwards, and pivot in and out. Basically, they move in essentially every way possible, offering a lot of functionality for the user! When it comes to comfort, the Titan XL delivers with its fabric & PU leather options, which also come with a memory foam headrest pillow that is detachable. The Throne XL comes with this full line-up of ergonomic adjustable features, and it is a high quality offering in the gaming chair space, while still coming in much cheaper than high-end office chairs. The Titan also comes with an extended 5 year warranty, ensuring that your purchase will be a lasting one!

Chair Specifications:

  • Width of backrest: 22”
  • Length of backrest: 33.5”
  • Width of Seat Base: 22.6”
  • Armrest to armrest: 27.4”-30.5”
  • Floor to seatbase: 19.1”-22.8”
  • Recommended Height: 5'11"- 6'10"
  • Recommended Weight: 220-390 lbs

 2. AK Racing Master Series Gaming Chair

Next up on our list is the AK Racing Master Series Gaming Chair. AK Racing is no newcomer to the gaming chair industry, having gotten its start as a business in 2001, when it started in automotive, before moving into gaming chairs a few years later. None the less, it is one of the more established brands in the space, and has a lot of great gaming chairs to offer, and you can read our in-depth brand review here! When it comes to their big and tall selection, the Master Series Gaming Chair has a lot to offer big and tall users. Per AK Racing, the master series is designed for users between 5’6”-6’6”, and a weight of 120-390, although the chair is rated for up to 400 lbs. This range of user height and weight really allows it to appeal to a wide range of users, but especially those in the big and tall gaming crowd!

Features that help it stand out: Everything is designed on the AK Racing Master Series chair to hold up and withstand years of use. The extra heavy steel frame and the premium PU leather are designed to withhold years of heavy use without breaking down. The same can be said for the cold cure foam and the extra duty wheel base. The overall quality of the AK Racing Master Series gaming chair really sets it apart from the competition. 4-D adjustable armrests (like the Secretlab Titan XL) offer great adjustability, and the “rock and lock” function allow you to recline the chair at an angle, lock it at an angle, or free float. This chair also offers a wide flat seat, giving some added comfort to larger users of the chair.

Chair Specifications:

  • Width of backrest: 24.5”
  • Length of backrest: 34.5”
  • Width of Seat Base: 24.5”
  • Armrest to armrest: 28.75”- 30.25”
  • Floor to seatbase: 14.4”-17.25”     
  • Recommended Height: 5'6"- 6'6"
  • Recommended Weight: 120-390 lbs, supports 400 lbs

 3. Fantasy Lab Gaming Chair

The last spot on our list today goes to the Fantasy Lab Gaming Chair from Von Racer/ Killabee. This chair is rated for up to 440 lbs, making it the highest weight rating on our list today. Killabee was started back in 2001, with a focus on office chairs, and then got involved in gaming chairs in 2013. They have several different models of gaming chairs, and the Fantasy Lab line-up of gaming chairs are all designed for big and tall users.


Features that help it stand out: The overall sturdy construction of this chair and the ability to hold up to 440 lbs helps it stand out from the crowd, as most are only rated to 400 lbs or less. Cold cure foam gives this chair premium comfort, and is perfect for long gaming sessions. This chair caters to the Big & Tall crowd with a roomy design as well. The back rests tilts up to 155 degrees, and locks in place at any point. There is also a rocking function built in like the other chairs on this list that allow you to rock back and forth. 4D adjustable armrests allow you to position and maneuver the armrests as needed.

Chair Specifications:

  • Width of backrest: 24.8”
  • Length of backrest: 32.3”
  • Width of Seat Base: 22”
  • Armrest to armrest: 22”
  • Floor to seatbase:18.1”-20.5”        
  • Recommended Height: 5'8" - 6'4"
  • Recommended Weight: 440 lbs max weight


Overall, if you are in the market for a Big & Tall Gaming chair, don’t settle for a gaming chair that doesn’t fit you. We think that this list will be a great starting point for you on your search, and should ensure you end up in a gaming chair that is the right size for you! Whether you are most interested in the Secret Lab Titan XL, AK Racing Max Series, or a Fantasy Lab gaming chair, we hope you will make the right decision for you! Are you thinking of buying one of these, or did you buy another big & tall chair? Let us know in the comments below!

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